Sunday, January 28, 2007

Slow Travel

You've heard of the Slow Food, now slow travel - and what better an adventure than to head off on a year long round the world trip without resorting to the use of planes.

Ed Gillespie and his partner are going to be travelling across Europe to Moscow, then to Ulaan Baatar on the Trans-Mongolian express, into China and down through south-east Asia (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia). From Singapore a container ship to Australia, cross-country to Sydney, a hop over to New Zealand, up a few mountains then onto another cargo ship from Tauranga to Los Angeles. From there, it's down south to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and finally to Costa Rica to catch a banana boat home from Puerto Limon.

You can follow the high, low and slow travails of his journey through his

View Ed's carbon footprint for his world tour.

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