Friday, May 11, 2007

International Climate Conference

This weekend, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of May, in London hosts the International Climate Conference. It's free and it's informative with expert speakers ranging across a wide remit of topics. You can come and go as you like. Last year I went with a couple of specific questions I wanted to find answers to on issues that I felt I didn't know enough about, sat in on a few talks, dipped into a few workshops, bought a couple of books, and left far the wiser with my questions answered. It's one of those situations where you wish you could be in many places at once - such is the choice of seminars and workshops.

Topics include: Climate Science How bad, how fast?; Climate Change and Development; Climate Change, the biggest issue of Global Justice and human rights?; Green Taxes vs Carbon Rationing; CC & Aviation; CC & Transport; Solutions; Raising Awareness in Eastern Europe; CC & workers rights; Personal Action; Contraction & Convergence; CC & Health; CC & Faith; Can we avoid dangerous CC & maintain growth?; Carbon Trading; CC & Biodiversity; Bio-fuels; Future of Coal; Climate Disinformation; Nuclear: another energy is possible; CC & Deforestation; CC & the GLA; CC & Islam; Peak Oil; Carbon Trading; How to get a strong Climate Bill; Prospects for the Bali Talks and the Kyoto process post 2012; The Climate Camp; Carbon offsets, the debate; China and India, the emissions time bomb; Climate Campaigning in the Arab World and more....

The Conference is being held at the London School of Economics, Houghton Streeet, London WC2 (click for map)

For more details of the Conference, for speakers and seminar & workshop timetable go to Campaign Against Climate Change -

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