Friday, October 12, 2007

Greenpeace response to the Nuclear Consultation


Eating Consciously said...

It's nice to know others share the same perspectives towards saving our planet. I know over here in the states it seems we have a power plant at least every 100 miles, at least in the Northeast, where I am located. I watched the video and enjoyed the information, thanks a lot and keep up the good work!WWW.EATINGCONSCIOUSLY.COM

Victoria said...

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boreal said...

Hi L.E.
In our timeframe, both solar and geothermal energy is infinite.
There's plenty about a meter below our feet and a surfeit of solar every day.
Unlike all other living things, we just don't look in the right places.
Moreover, when we stumble upon it, at home, we combat free energy with all the expensive, dirty, fossils we can grub up.

You might enjoy a paddle at 'boreal moonlight'


Annie ~ اني said...

Great blog--inspirational.

strunny said...

i'm just beginning to educate myself on all things environmental and in looking at the available books out there, your's is great! i'm just beginning it.
thanks for following your heart and really making this your life's focus.

strunny said...

nevermind, i don't think you wrote the book i'm reading! but it's what drew me to your blog, which i'm very grateful for! :)

sarah said...

Hi there,

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