Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year - from Matt

In need of some winter joy? All you need ask is...where the hell is Matt?


SunTiger said...

OMG> AWESOME heart-warming "the world is wonderful" video. {Thanks for sharing.}

Anonymous said...

I found a great website called where you can find great simple ideas on how to help save the environent. Check it out!

Sarka (Czech republic) said...

Hello Polly,
I used to enjoy reading your blog a lot. What happend? Why don't you write here any more? Hope you will continue soon.
Have a nice day!

The Lazy Environmentalist said...

Sarka - I know, it's been a remarkable time for me, and I have been busy pushing forward with the call for a Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights and my campaign - see But you are good to nudge me. I promise a decent blog by the end of this weekend.
(Also it's great to know there is someone out there in Czech Republic following my blogs!)

Dianarosa said...

I am such a pushover - tears 2 minutes 11 seconds into it!
What's the song?