Thursday, October 22, 2009

The People's Declaration

What is The Declaration of All Beings?

It is a self and community governance document to help shape our lives. It sets out the principles that can lead to a better world for us all, providing guidance, a way forward. It is a suggested path forward to create a better life for you, your children and the children of all beings, for all times. It is a powerful enabling tool, a matrix, the key to life itself.

Why is it referred to as The Peoples Declaration?

Because it is for the people of this planet to use – if you so wish. It is not a dogma or is it a legal requirement that is imposed by the state. It is for you to decide whether you accept and uphold what is presented here.

How does this compare with the Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights?

the Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights is a set of Rights that have been proposed to the United Nations to adopt, to create ‘hard law’ international legislation. The starting point is the Right Not to be Polluted, The Right to Restorative Justice and the Freedom to a Clean & Healthy Environment. The Universal Declaration of All Beings, however, is ‘soft law’; it expands on those initial rights, encompassing the values that shape our human responsibilities as well as the inherent rights and freedoms for all beings.

Who or what are All Beings?

  • All Beings = human beings + all that lives.
  • All that makes up the myriad of species and entities of this world.
  • The soil, the seas, the trees, the honey bee.
  • The 20 million plus species that provide support and benefit to Planet Earth.
  • The atmosphere, the biosphere, the geosphere, the stratosphere that surrounds us – even other planets.
  • The Declaration applies equally to Beings that we do not yet know of, the countless number of species that will evolve, that we have yet to discover, yet to meet, yet to identify.

Why is the Declaration laid out in a circular fashion?

The Declaration has been designed so that a child can understand it. It has been set out in a circular matrix for ease of use. It can be read from top to bottom, left to right, clockwise or otherwise. The Rights & Freedoms of All are underpinned by the Values, which in turn inform and lead to our Responsibilities. Our Responsibilities fall into two sub-categories, Obligations, and Duties. It is our Human Duties that we must act on now, for self and planet, to smooth our journey to raising our consciousness in preparation for the global shift at the end of 2012.

What can the Declaration be used for?

The Declaration is a proactive mechanism to change the world – yours and the planet’s. It can be applied to any situation any community large or small, at a personal, local, national and international level. It can be used:
  • for self contemplation, as a meditation or visualisation for self or in a group,
  • for future mapping, to co-create the future,
  • as a teaching aide, for children and adults alike,
  • as guidance for community decision making processes,
  • for decision making by setting up a Council of All Beings
  • as a global belief system to self-govern life on this planet
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