Saturday, October 07, 2006

Origin: The London Craft Fair

The annual London Craft Fair has moved to the elegant courtyard at Somerset House this year. Running for two weeks, week 1 is almost at a close, with the last day being tomorrow before the show changes over for week 2 (which runs from 10 - 15th October). It is a celebration of some of the most esteemed craftspersons in the UK and some from further afield as well as being a showcase for new talent. Here are a few of my favourites from week 1 whose ethos is deeply rooted in the response to their surrounding environment or to that which they find discarded around them.
Lizzie Farey, a weaver of willow, is internationally acclaimed for her breathtaking creations. Inspired by her natural surroundings in Dumfriesshire, her love of art and nature are ever entwined, and her ability to create great beauty from that which grows around her is truly magical.
* Three Sisters
* Pussy Willow Basket

Su Blackwell, recently graduated from Royal College of Art, finds her inspiration in the old books she finds - sometimes her inspiration comes from what she has read, other times the vision comes first and she seeks out the appropriate book. It is in a sense a three dimensional interpretation of the very words she has read.
* Magnolia

Truly original and creative, the stories literally fly off the pages. Each one unique, they come boxed as if placed on a victorian stage, hinting at dreams of another place and time.
* Wild Flowers

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