Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day 2: A Day in the Life of a Podster

Slept late! It's either the mountain air or testimony to what must be one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in. To have slept so long and deeply is a gift for an insomniac. Ahh, but then to waken to the most breathtaking views and the glowing ambers of the woodstove ...and the silence. Mountains bring such peace and with this comes a certainty of the grand design of nature.

Our pod is rather grand with huge picture windows, a mezzanine area and space to stride - it's a Pavilion Pod, which means that at 50 square meters it is actually larger than the upper floor of my london flat. It's also maybe a bit of a cheat (or essential - depending on your point of view - for those such as Lawrieovski who cannot do without certain practicalities), because we have a bathroom with hot and cold water and electricity - although we are not using the additional plug-in radiators as our stove is keeping us very toasty.

So today it's snowshoeing up higher into the mountains. Visions of old tennis racquets tied to our shoes are quickly dispelled and we set off in our super duper high-techies with a map drawn out by Eric and a packed lunch from Sophia. Through woodland and forests we pad, with only our breathing to break the silence. Upon finding an old barn we settle down to enjoy the views and contentedly munch our lunch before slowly heading back for cake at the farmhouse.

And what better way to end the day than to arrange a massage with Dominique in the spa, housed under the farmhouse. All aching muscles kneaded into submission ... I have reached eco-nirvana.

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