Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eric Prydz v's Floyd: Proper Education

For all of you lovers of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, here’s a new lease of life for the classic due to be released on New Year’s day. The Swedish dance legend Eric Prydz not only does it great justice, but he teams it with a rather unusual video - it focuses on climate change and the issues surrounding global warming.

Set in a London estate, it features a gang of young people breaking into local flats, in order to … well, why not check it out and see for yourself: Proper Education

This is what Prydz has to say about it:  “Pink Floyd would always use their videos to get a message across and I really wanted to carry on this spirit. I’d been reading so much in the press about climate change and global warming recently and felt it would be great to try and empower people to do something about it. It’s not making a grand statement. It’s just simply saying everyone can do a little and it will make a difference."

Prydz consulted with climate change charity Global Cool.  Based in Los Angeles and London and supported by the likes of Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom, Global Cool quite rightly believe that the solution to defeating global warming lies within the power of the individual, empowering them to take personal action to make a valuable difference.

Global Cool not only advised on the video’s content but are also working with Prydz and Ministry of Sound to make the release of ‘Proper Education’ carbon neutral. The emissions created through the production and distribution of the CD release will be offset through the Te Apiti Wind Farm project in New Zealand.  The Te Apiti project is one of the first carbon offset schemes to be classified as Gold Standard, a programme endorsed by over 43 critical non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

More info: Ministry of Sound
With thanks to Ed Gillespie in London & Tom Wilson in Australia for sending me the story

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