Wednesday, November 08, 2006

American mid-term results with consequences

I awaken to the news that the Democratic party has won the american mid-term elections: the balance of power has changed for the first time in over a decade in the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, the Senate sits in the balance with final votes yet to be counted.

The wave of public discontent with the Iraq war, corruption and President George W. Bush's lack of environmental leadership has demonstrated a strong anti-incumbent mood in the US. Democratic Senator Hilary Clinton rolled in easily on a 2:1 re-election victory in New York and outspoken liberal Representative Nancy Pelosi steps forward to be the first female Speaker.

One of the very few Republicans to sail safely home on a green vote was Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Over the past few months Schwarzenegger selected top advisers from the environmental community, signed dozens of environmentally friendly bills and just four weeks ago signed up California for carbon emission trading between northeast states. His embrace of climate change has paid big dividends. He has demonstrated his willingness to break with the Bush administration and this has earned him worldwide coverage as the Green Governor of California.

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The Lazy Environmentalist said...

Just a wee update for the record:

After a nail-biting will-they/won't-they count of the votes of the remaining state Virginia, the Democrats have now also won the Senate! The wheels of change have turned yet again.