Monday, November 06, 2006

Global Warming - conclusive evidence

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1860's ~~~~~ 1960's ~~~~ 2006 ~~~~

[with thanks to Andrew Stobart for the inspiration]


Anonymous said...

What will be hanging on the line in 2026?

The Lazy Environmentalist said...

It is said that fashion is cyclical, but somehow I don't see a return to bloomers. No, the knicker industry will be quite different in 2026, but not so much for aesthetic reasons. By 2026 many non-biodegradable man-made fibres will have been legislated out of existence due to their inability to be disposed of easily and safely. After two decades of extreme drought, rising sea levels and torrential rains, the indian and american cotton industries will have been left all but destroyed. Water shortages mean resources are now focused on human consumption rather than industry. GM cotton has proven to be a disastrous experiment for local communities as well as the economy, and any organic cotton growth has severely limited export value due to tighter industrial carbon crediting/trading limits.

No, our knickers will be home-grown, with two new textile industries flourishing - hemp and silk. By 2026 locally grown hemp has proven a huge success, not only for textile production but also for creating fuel (created out of both it's oil - which can also be drizzled over salads for a delicious nutty-flavoured dressing - and the resulting fibrous by-product which is now used for bio-mass). Progress in production technologies means that hemp is no longer itchy, thankfully. In the south of England - due to the warmer weather - mulberry bushes are flourishing, feeding hungry silk-worms who munch blissfully whilst unaware that their renaissance is all down to the change in the weather.

People now value quality over quantity (besides, consumerism ain't what it used to be - no more 'pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap from china') as well as the value of locally sourced. By 2026 knickers will be a rarer but rather more longer lasting and more elegantly crafted than the days of yore. As a personal preference, I'll be saving my carbon credits for a bit of a splurge and mine will be silk.