Sunday, November 05, 2006

And the sun shone on London's Climate March

What a carnival atmosphere - music, mad hats and much laughter. 30,000 turned up yesterday to demand action on climate change - that's a substantial increase on the 4,000 of us last year. It was a beautifully clear chilly day, not a cloud in sight - just perfect.

Bikes and banners pedalled off from Lincoln's Inn Fields at 10, arriving outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square (who'd turned off their lights this year - very prudent) for rousing speeches and general entertainment. George Monbiot urged positive action and, boyed up by his words, off we traipsed to Trafalgar Square.

Fellow Scot K T Tunstall flew in (no - not true - she biked it the whole way), and Razorlight's Johnny Borrell strutted his stuff onstage. But the t-shirt sadly did not come off this time despite promises by the cheeky chappie Simon Amstell, our witty compere (and I suppose we only have climate change to blame for that too).

And spotted in the crowds, sadly not up on stage, were the fabulous ex-Pink Floyd boys - Richard Wright and David Gilmour with his georgeous wife Polly (of course, with a name like that...). Not quite a Great Gig in The Sky, but definately a great gig in Trafalgar Square. Tony Blair, you should have been there.

Want to have a quick gander at what was happening at the other side of the world? Even more turned out in Perth, Australia. Check out

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